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Storsjö Fishing Area is one of Sweden’s best places for fishing. This is a real oasis in the wilderness surrounded by beautiful mountains, endless forest, clean water and wild streams.
  There are nearly 50 lakes in the area and about twenty kilometers of flowing water. In the area there are many hiking trails, wild camping places equipped with wind shelters and outdoor deck.
Storsjö’s Fishing Area is also one of the few places in Sweden that offers fishing spots suitable for wheelchair bound guests.

Current News

Planting of fish

October 9th 2021 new fish was planted in number of lakes in the area and local fishing restrictions apply

Fishing Storsjö Kapell

Fishing is prohibited during winter period 2021-2022 in the following waters :

M. Rotsjön
S. Grävingstjärn
Långtjärn Rövra
Långtjärn Torsborg

These waters will be open for fishing again on February 19th, 2022.

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Fishing Paradise Storsjo FVO

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Fish species in the Storsjö Area

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