Fishing License and Fishing Rules in the area

License Prices due to duration

1 Day – 100 SEK ( buy online ➡️)
3 Days – 250 SEK (buy online ➡️)
1 Week – 500 SEK (buy online ➡️)
1 Year Card – 800 SEK (buy online ➡️)
1 Year Card for Spouse* – 400 SEK ( buy online ➡️)

*1 Year Card 800 kr + 400 SEK  for accompanying spouse/cohabitant/adult child ( 16-20 years old)

Fishing Rules in the Storsjö Area

General rules for all places in the Area: The fisherman is obliged to read thoroughly and follow the regulations. The fishing license must be presented on request. Only one card and one fishing rod per person during the day. Children under age of 16 years are allowed to fish for free in the company of an adult.

  • Sport fishing from an own boat / float is only allowed in the Lake of Storsjön. Fishing with net is prohibited.
  • Minimum dimensions: For trout, char and grayling 35 cm! Exceptions for brook trout in the smaller streams such as Lillån, Storån upstream of Ålderövallen, Bottenbäcken.
  • Catch restrictions: In lakes / ponds, 3 fishes / day / per person. Applies to trout, char and grayling in all waters except Lake Storsjön. In flowing water window sockets, 35 cm – 45 cm and 3 fishes / day / per person, apply for trout and grayling below 35 cm and above 45 cm must be put back.
  • Only Fly Fishing: Sölvbackadammen – Björnhån, Östhenån, Skärkån – also the stream between Upper and Lower Dalsjön, window socket 35 – 45 cm and 3 fishes / day / per person. Window socket means that all trout and grayling under 35 cm and over 45 cm must be put back.
  • Fishing prohibition: Sölvbackadammen – 190 m downstream. Wormmet ban from Sölvbackadammen downstream to Björnhån.
  • Play fishing ban: 15/5 – 15/6, Harrlek in Storån and Skärkån 200 m downstream of the outlet in Oshån and between lower and upper Dalsjön.
  • 15/9 – 31/10, trout game in Svantjärn, Björhåbergstjärn, S: a Grävingstjärn, Western and Central Rotsjöarna, Rörtjärn, Holmtjärn.
  • 1/9 – 15/11 – Trout game in flowing water and 200 m from inlet and outlet. Only fly fishing for grayling is allowed in flowing water during the game ban period.
  • Mashing is forbidden!
  • Fishing prohibition in flowing water, when the water temperature exceeds +19 degrees Celsius. For more information (about the location), contact Storsjö fishcamping. Phone: +46 (0) 687-211 22.



Under the Biodiversity Convention signed by both Finland and Sweden, the signatory parties shall prevent the introduction and control or eradication of alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats and species, and rehabilitate and restore damaged ecosystems and promote the recovery of threatened species, including through the development of plans or other maintenance measures.
Culling on mink is actively pursued within the Storsjö Fishing Area. We therefore ask you to leave all the traps untouched. The mink does not have a natural distribution in Europe but is exclusively a North American specie. The mink came to Scandinavia in the 1920s as a valuable animal in the fur industry. Some minks escaped from the farms and about 10 years later the mink had established itself in our nature. The mink can cause major damage in fish and bird populations that, evolutionarily, lack natural protection against mink.


Seagulls are final to the parasite “Diphyllobothrium dendriticum”. The parasite is spread to the fish via the gull’s stool. The fish is a so-called middle host. What you should keep in mind is to hide the fish cleaning so that gulls will not eat it. The aim of hiding the fish is to prevent the spread of the parasite. The parasite is not harmful to humans.
STORSJÖ Fishing Area