Here you can find information about fish species in Storsjö Fishing Area


The grayling is mainly northern fish and a natural specie in Sweden known for its large dorsal fin. The grayling prefers flowing water or lakes with clean and oxygen-rich water. Grayling is a cold-water fish that occurs from the forest land to deep into the mountain world.
Grayling is much appreciated fish because it is easy to be caught.
Length up to 70 cm. Weight up to 1 kg, but it happens that they reach weights over 3 kg.

Brown Trout

Brown trout is found throughout Sweden and live both in the sea, lakes and streams. Trout is one of Sweden’s most popular fish species and can be caught mainly in recreational fishing.
  The pelvic variant, as well as trout that live in nutrient-poor waters such as small mountain ponds, are small-growth.
A trout can be around 110 cm long and sometimes reaches a 20 kilogram weight.


The char is a characteristic fish in Swedish waters. But the color, which gave the fish its Swedish name, can vary greatly depending waters, stock and period in the life cycle. The char is generally found in the mountain world, both in lakes and streams. It prefers clear and cold water with high oxygen content, and often resides in deeper parts of the lake.
Length up to 90 cm.


The whitefish lives in lakes, on the coast and in the northern rivers. Whitefish is a popular sport fish that is also a very good fish for cooking . Fishing for the species is very diverse and in the north it is popular to catch the whitewash from ice. This fish migrates to deeper and colder waters during the summer.
It can be up to 30 years and weight of 5-6 kg.


The pike can hardly be not recognized. The elongated predator fish with its big mouth and sharp teeth can be met almost everywhere in the country and it is also probably the most popular sport fish.
The pike lives in lake water but not in mountain water and high flowing water.
Weight up to 25-30 kg and length up to 150 cm.


The burbot is found in most of the country and is the only species in the cod family found in Swedish freshwater. The lake thrives in cold and clear water where it is most often found in the deeper parts of the water. November to February is the best time to fish this ugly freshwater cod. It is active mainly during the darker parts of the day.
Weight up to 8 kilos. 


Minnow is a common fish found in streams, streams and lakes all over Sweden.
It is a small fish that rarely grows larger than 12 cm in Sweden. Minnow prefers cold and oxygen-rich water. This makes it common in streams, streams, but also in clear lakes with rock or gravel bottom. In lakes, it stays on shallow water and often you can see shoals of electric water swimming around among rocks near land.